KWMT Ben Hur Commercial for the Humota Theater - 1960

Deane Johnson enjoying the "free" popcorn at the Humota Theater.

Today, movie studios provide outstanding movie commercials produced in Hollywood and voiced by such outstanding talent as Chuck Dann, heard on the KOMA News basic in another clip on this site. But in 1960, there were very few available commercials and most were terrible. Even as late as the early 60's at KOMA,we had to take a tape recorder to a theater and plug it into a projector sound system to get audio to produce movie commercials.

The Humota Theater was our favorite account and favorite theater. It was run by Fred Meyer, an individual who really cared about running a fine theater. Peter McLane and I used to slip in extra commercials on KWMT for the Humota, and Fred reciprocated by giving us free access to the theater any time we wanted, and loads of free pop corn.

As of 2004, this theater in the small town of Humboldt, Iowa was still going strong, still run by Fred and his son Jerry, and the theater is doing better than ever. The projectionist in the old days was teenager Bob Christianson. He later applied for an FM license for Humboldt, got it, and ran the FM station for many years before selling recently to Clear Channel.

Deane Johnson
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