KOWH Sandy Jackson Theme Song - 1957

Sandy Jackson In Recent Times.

No known air checks exist of Sandy Jackson, the original Storz disc jockey during the time he was at KOWH. This brief clip, which includes his well known PAMS theme song was recently discovered. It is believed this was recorded in 1957.

Contrary to popular belief, KOWH was not originally a Top 40 station under Storz ownership, which began in 1949. Sandy played a variety of popular and other music, as well as taking requests and making dedications. Regardless of the exact format, the station played popular music and had huge ratings, perhaps the highest in the nation at that time. The "Top 40" format was introduced in 1954 on Storz Station WTIX, and within weeks on WHB. Whether the actual Storz "Top 40" format was ever placed on KOWH, and if so, when, is not entirely clear.

It's obvious from this brief 1957 listen to KOWH that the Storz programming magic had left with Todd Storz when he sold the station.

Deane Johnson
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