KOMA Action Central News With Deane Johnson - 2/8/1964

Chuck Dann in the KOMA newsroom.

Much of KOMA's big power sound came from the "news basics" voiced by Chuck Dann. Chuck now goes by the name of Chuck Riley, doing voice work in Hollywood. He lives in Charlie Chaplin's old house in Beverly Hills.

This air check includes an integration of automation and live. The lead out song by Bobby Goldsboro was from an Ampex 351 deck in the automation. The voice track was embedded with the music. As the song track ended, it fired a channel on the Mackenzie containing the KOMA jingle. During the jingle, the "stop automation" button would have been depressed bringing the automation to a halt at the end of the jingle event. The news open bed was then fired live from the studio. Several channels of the MacKenzie were used for the news basic.

During the news, the (3) large 10 1/2" Ampex music reels would have been changed to those for Jim Bowman as his shift began at 12 noon. All voice tracks were embedded with each song. During the news, the automation would have automatically reset to start with "Reel A", the up tempo reel. Following the close of the news and the time check, the automation start button was depressed, which allowed the automation to take over and start the hour with an up tempo song.

Deane Johnson
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