KKJO Hometown - St. Joseph, Missouri - 1970s

Greg Everett at the KKJO Control Board.

A montage of production elements and airchecks assembled by Greg Everett, Program Director and later General Manager of KKJO. KKJO was a unique combination of top 40, heavy news and talk radio. While many believed such a combination format would not work, KKJO enjoyed an Arbitron share in the 50+ range. This becomes more unusual when you realize that "St. Joe" is so heavily under the umbrella of Kansas City, that you can see WHB's towers from the KKJO transmitter site.

KKJO had such a stranglehold on the market that both the police and sherriff's departments requested direct full time telephone lines be put in from their dispatcher's desks to the KKJO newsroom. The Kansas City Weather Bureau (as it was called then) openly promoted that they recommended during severe weather KKJO be the station people listened to. And they did.

Deane Johnson
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